Phil Douglas Jackson

Growing and expanding the number of 'experts' of basketball, who believe that Phil Jackson is time to retire. They say a man has his otsvistel Red's and Auerbach outdo him not to … It's funny, right word! Philip Douglas Jackson, meeting a this fall, his 64th Birthday, still full of strength and energy, and his invitation to train another team of star players Orient – another proof! And all is well in his 'Lakers' and for sure they will repeat this was his last year's result. Will finally take the title? Why not – they would only deal with their big … I was born, married, baptized … Our hero was born on September 17, 1945 in the town of Deer Loudzh, staff Montana.

His parents were deeply religious people, but because their kids (and Phil was not the only child in the family) was educated in the spirit of asceticism and tranquility. There are no discos, no cinemas, no television – and that with the fact that a regional channel based next to the home of the Jacksons? They did not look! For the first time Phil went to the movies in the graduating class, and the dancing – and that later, as a student! It is not that young Jackson is suffered from restrictions on the popular youth entertainment. He saw them for granted and it is quite reasonable, and partying a little differently: he played football, basketball, was filed in the baseball team. He even drive metal! Everywhere he attained some success. For example, he twice led the North Carolina high school to first place in the basketball championship of the state, and his baseball talent scouts evaluated the league. But what to say, if the sports complex, in which involved our hero, now named in his honor! After high school, Jackson went to the University of North Carolina, who courted by a boy than a year.

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