Technology selection of sales managers This article focuses on one of the latest technology on the selection of sales managers, which combines elements of all existing methods of recruitment. Provided compliance with all applicable requirements, it can guarantee 100% results. In addition, the article examines the common problems associated with the selection of personnel and the shortcomings of Most technologies for recruitment. Part 1. Natural selection: only the fittest survive 22.30. Afonin village near Nizhny Novgorod.

It is unclear from the dark silhouettes of having young people in expensive suits, they persistently banging on the door of wooden houses, then here and there a bright light flashes and there bewildered and sleepy faces of the villagers. Meanwhile, on the road enchanting atmosphere of fun: dancing girl dance abdomen, around distributed laughter, songs and anecdotes, some of the passing cars intrigued stops, someone passes by, the faces of drivers easily read by a wild and surprisingly dumb question, "What is it?" This is Competition for selection of sales managers in one of the dealers in Nizhny Novgorod. Modern Technology Recruitment There are many technologies for recruitment: case study, assessment, interview (including stress interviews), testing, etc. Each of them has a certain advantages and disadvantages. The main weaknesses of these technologies can be formulated as follows: 1) Large costs of temporary resources (time to conduct individual interviews with each candidate, the total amount of time to carry out all stages of selection). 2) Costs of financial resources (salaries of HR-specialists, loss of customers when conducting the interview the manager or specialist sales) 3) Too subjective evaluation of the candidate (at each stage of the candidate is assessed only by one person, except assessment center, and often based on any personal preference) 4) artificial selection of sales manager, did not allow him to open up and demonstrate your skills as a sales going on personnel in your company? You are exhausting two-hour interview candidates, testing, and case studies, arrange interviews stressful, throwing them into pens by asking rude questions and posing inadequate boss? Maybe you pick up employees, based on the fact in which zodiacal constellation the Sun and other celestial objects at the birth of the candidate or, as is done in some European companies are trying to scan the aura of a candidate? In the next article will discuss the challenges faced by any company in the selection of sales managers.

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