Rondon Project

They do not exist in these cities election politics, all the books that are donated are incorporated the quantity. Also they do not count on computerization of the quantity, it does not have a computerized program that it allows to the loan and publication reserve. The services of reference and customer service are also not carried through, for not counting on a computerized program, the employees are unaware of the material who compose the quantity and they do not know to inform to the user which are the subjects that compose the quantity. The communities demonstrate interest in seeing the library organized. In Palmital of Mines it was very clearly the desire of the community to have a library that took care of to its informacionais demands, we made a book election and the community collected the books that had been discarded. Consideraes final Concludes that the necessity of reorganization of the libraries in these cities exists that communities take care of to ace and offer services directed to the teach-learning process, incentive the reading and cognitivo development.

In these cities the necessity of a librarian is evident, but the market of work for this professional in these cities is closed, the profession still is unknown and the managers do not find motivation to contract a specialized professional, and also the librarian does not yearn for working in these spaces. The Rondon Project is a solution to supply the gap of a professional of the information in these cities, not on account of the 15 days that if pass in this city, but for this professional to be capable to raise the necessity of organization of the information, to be capable to show to the managers the capacity of the librarian and as it is necessary for the city. In accordance with our experience in the Rondon Project concludes that is necessary an internalization of the biblioteconomia, as well as Pink Guimares promoted the internalization of the medicine, the extension must promote the internalization of the biblioteconomia, taking the professional to adentrar in this market of work little explored.

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