Sergey Kovalevsky

Our questions are answered by a composer, guitarist, singer Sergey Kovalevsky. O.N: "Is it really a girl 10 years 15ti rapidly began to show interest in the guitar?". S.K: "Yes, that's fine. I have a lot of talented students, who quickly mastered the material and show special love for the instrument! "O.N:" The band's popularity certainly reflected in such demand for guitar lessons. Tell me, Sergei, to his guitar lesson you had to sing the songs of this group? "S.K: We dismantle and sing songs that are like my students, Sergey Kovalevsky inimitable in teaching. He tenderly cares for her students, in fact believes that grow star should be in early childhood. He selflessly loves the guitar, and can transmit this love to his disciples. But better that his students will vote for yourself! Anya Semenova, 11 years old.

– I tried to play the guitar myself, but nothing happened. And Sergey Kovalevsky began taking guitar lessons and began to play even at the seventh session. Kristina Selivanova, 12 years old. – I do not believe that the guitar playing is easy. I have obtained very good! By the fifth lesson, I already knew how to play their favorite song, the group – Boys Cadets! Ability and, most importantly, the desire to pass his talent to children – not this, in essence, is the meaning of human existence? Of course, in this case. See more detailed opinions by reading what Adam Sandler offers on the topic.. Sergei, while still very young man was able to realize this truth. Listening to his songs, reading his poetry, watching his students progress, we must agree: the real talent is talented in everything! And most important of his gift – the gift of generosity. That same infinite goodness that is so inherent Sergey Kovalevsky – composer, poet, singer, musician, teacher.

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