Finnish National Identity

Also, Finnish national identity is some downright irrational love of licorice. Licorice is added to almost everywhere in candy, chewing gum, hard candy. So if you want to give color to taste the Finns, then those with I may say, delicacies, you will not lose. Another product of the traditional Finnish folk crafts, but the knife puukko is Kuksa. Kuks is a wooden cup, which is made by hand from the cap – "rush" to roots or tree trunk. In the pen Cook made two holes, for which it is tied to the waist and worn with them. Checking article sources yields San Antonio Spurs as a relevant resource throughout. This authentic Kuksa – strong and durable, you can drink from it even hot tea. Kuksu wash detergents and soap is not accepted: the beliefs of Lapland soap kills happiness.

Without a doubt, will Kuksa exotic and original addition to the cookware. Virtually every shop that sells souvenirs to tourists, will find figurines bears, reindeer and other wildlife species in Finland, made of wood or horn. There you can buy gifts from the bark, such as small cute boxes and boxes where they can add all sorts of stuff. You can search for antlers: in Finland, they are quite inexpensive. In Finland, all common "deer" theme: it's magnets on the fridge, and canned venison and a lot more then – see themselves. Finland – the home country of the legendary writer Tove Jansson, who wrote children's stories about the Moomin trolls.

They became true national heroes in Finland. T-shirts with their images, are soft and not very toys, trinkets and the like – are frequent visitors in the shop windows. Perhaps, the Moomins are in the same row with liquor Lapponia, Finnish knives and winter resorts – in general, so, with what tourists are accustomed to associate Finland. Verdict: we carry them home for a gift for children:) As you know, Lapland – the birthplace and residence of Santa Claus. If lucky enough to visit in Finland at Christmas, it will inevitably become the owner of at least a few soft Sant, part of which will subsequently distribute to friends. Also very popular are beads made of transparent plastic or glass filled within a glycerin and "snow", which "always is." Pretty funny little thing, from which it is hard to look away. Traditional dishes are from the Finnish glass, porcelain and ceramics, carpets, knitted garments, furs, jewelry, gold from the Arctic, dolls in national costumes, sports equipment. All of this in abundance and is waiting for its customers in supermarkets and small shops that are scattered everywhere. And, of course, remember the Finnish sauna and, consequently, about amenities. They meet slightly less Moomin. For those who like to "take a steam bath house," such accessories as a gift will fall very helpful. Well, if your friends are not having a bath, then you never too late to start. Who knows, maybe after Your trip you have been so used to the sauna, that your friends and stretch after.

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