Uncontrollable Fears

The suffering of phobias, that is to say, fears or extreme fears brought about by an object or situation, is one of the upheavals of psychological nature more appellants between the world-wide population. In the majority of the cases they can be pronounced from a very early age and can seriously affect its daily life. Although the phobic ones, in certain way, get used to living with their disease, treatments exist that allow them to bear them. THAT THEY ARE THE PHOBIAS? They are, basically, fear, rejections or fears, generally manifest in extreme form, that undergoes a person before a certain stimulus. The phobias are not innate nor hereditary, are conducts that the individual incorporates, are learned of the surroundings in which it develops. Although, some times, the people have real brings back to consciousness of which its fear is excessive, they cannot avoid that fear pronounces, although know that the cause of the situation does not represent a threat.

QU? TYPES OF PHOBIA EXIST? According to the American manual of diagnosis of the mental upheavals (DSM-IV) the phobias they can be classified in several categories, since the phantom that cover is very ample. The phobias of situacional type (to travel in transports public, elevators, to attend spectacles public, etc.), are the most frequent example within the suffering of the phobias. Very common others are those that respond to an environmental typology. In this case the people are themselves paralyzed by circumstances climatic or related to means. The electrical storms, the winds and until the water are, in this case, the causes of the fears. Those of type animal, oriented to beings alive or insects, usually they are common. In this case, the psychological studies have determined that what brings about the panic is the fear to the own fear that know that they are going to experiment if they are with the feared animal.

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