Sometimes Water

Regularity of water supply – a factor very important. Plants, like people, tend to gradually get used to a certain rhythm of life. They "like" their roots and the leaves get water in a strictly fixed hours. In Otherwise, it may slow down growth and reduced resistance to disease. This is especially important with regard to fastidious Exotics, which already can be difficult to take root in alien soil, and for them adapt to life in an unfamiliar climate. It is therefore extremely useful device for each major system of artificial irrigation and irrigation – a special electronic timer.

Thanks to him, the owner estate with ease will set the hour when pets have to get their portion of life-giving water, and monitor the watering time to the nearest second. Systems of this type are often provided with even moisture and the detector, Sometimes to stop watering if the soil will be saturated with moisture sufficiently. The most simple irrigation device – set with a timer mounted on the flexible hoses in the same way as ordinary nozzles. They are connected to the faucet with a few (not less than four) output sockets, the work of each of which is regulated individually – for this there are special levers. In the more complex and expensive systems has an electronic "brain" – the controller. He not only manages the irrigation, but also saves water.

Controllers and programmers assigned to the rank of professional devices for the Russian market to deliver a few companies, among them, For example, a company Hunter, RainDrip. Small smart priborchiki to help care for loved ones planting, they know how much. For example, provide regular watering six times a day, lasting from one minute to several hours, when necessary (for example, when the pressure in the water) will automatically include the pump, "remember" the days, select the host for watering, you can connect and serve simultaneously up to 25 zones. In addition, they can remotely controlled: by phone or from a special panel. At the request of the customer firms employees are equipped with such an automatic garden plots, to help build the most convenient option. In addition to electronic controllers in the use of watering systems and mechanical. Their main advantage is obvious – it's absence in the scheme of power sources, ie, ordinary batteries. It installed a rotating disk, performing Switch function of time watering, for example, range from 15 to 120 minutes. Also, many models have a button control the water flow (often it amounts to 0-120 l / h). The complete automatic irrigation system in addition to ordinary Hand guns include a variety of nozzles and devices for their installation. For example, the oscillator is a structure with a fairly long brass tube, spray with 18-20 holes (jet nozzles). It provides an even watering and is very stable in any position. Well, if there is a metal or plastic sprinklers, sprinkler irrigation with an area of 12 square meters. m – rotor (rotating as usual "Helicopters") or pulsed with a stick in the ground pins. Besides them, there are also some simple but effective and compact storage options such as "Hand rain." It is somewhat water spray devices on the same the form of nozzles, connected by a common flexible hose. They can be easily arranged at the required distance from each other, but its small size – successfully mask the plants or stones. Unexpectedly "Broke out" in the middle of a flower bed, between the decorative stones and splendid blooms rainbow fountain spray hitters, as if from nowhere, very beautiful.

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