The Universe

What can you do to protect yourself from the crisis? Have you ever wondered, what you can do personally to prevent and protect collective that poisonous wave, which is growing at the pace of the attention each one is going to provide, and that poisons your day because you allow yourself to take hold of you? You may think now that hard, you can avoid the negative wave when you buy the newspaper every morning talking about the crisis, when the television you hear on prime time talk about the crisis, when in the bar low for coffee in the morning, have a television set and also draws your attention, if you have forgotten a moment of crisis, when colleagues in the same office, I’ll always remember not to feel alone in their fear of crisis, when even friends or relatives with whom you share special moments together, wellness and joy, want to share this dark cloud over their heads too heavy … Would you feel guilty for not at least listen? What kind of solidarity, those offering them to all these, when you lose them by such low levels of vibration and yourself get caught? Do you really think that it is best to hook you ship is sinking, not to save himself? Back to you for a moment and ask yourself: How would I feel myself and what I bring to my environment if, instead of focusing on the crisis me too, I focus on the abundance and diversity of my life, enjoy and share What happens when instead of adding my voice to the collective noisy is the crisis, take it off my own anxiety decreasing and their forces spread? I feel really guilty if I chose to focus exclusively on the beauty and abundance? … Could it be that I felt ridiculous, to trust myself and the divine power that gives me the use of course, in my favor, His law of attraction? What would happen in my own home, if by work in the evening, enjoy the company of my own, or read a book, play a musical instrument … instead of watching television, or forgetting the time front of the computer screen, or re-read the newspaper? Am I doing a favor for someone to mistreat on focusing on collective fear and discomfort? Regain your power and enjoy your everyday! Think now, in the power of a single lit candle in a dark cave. You see that, however small, powerful enough to influence the space around it, and although not shine much, has immediately become deep darkness, a viable space.

Think for a moment: the universe wants us to enjoy, we enjoy an abundance of total and this provides us with the law of attraction and use. At a time that most people are focused on the negative and lack … The Universe is more than willing to offer everything you ask! He just wants you to enjoy. Dare to Enjoy!

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