Sorry Alex

Upon arrival in Madrid, Alex went to the tourist information center to ask for a pension in the downtown area. They gave various directions. Alex did not imagine I could never have so many pensions available. Visited in March, and finally chose the first he had seen. While the bathroom was shared, as in all others, the room was individual and was very clean. It was a small room and not entirely pleasant, but he considered that was the best of the 3. He went down in search of a pay phone and called Henry, his former colleague at Ibiza. – Henry had said with joy, – that you can not imagine who you are talking about? – No, I have a lot of imagination and not guess, therefore, if you do not answer me who you are, short, "he had responded in bad shape.

Alex did not understand why his partner had responded so badly and hastened to tell who he was. – Sorry Alex, sorry the answer before – said Henry honestly sorry for your response and trying to explain, he continued – is that someone has been bothering me in recent days with stupid jokes and always seemed like a different voice, I thought it was the same thing. I return to ask forgiveness friend. From where I talk? – "I arrived today in Madrid, and the first thing I did was this call. "You've come to visit or planning to stay? – Henry replied with enthusiasm and good humor" I came with the intention of staying, "said Alex in a tone more relaxed.

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