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Adam – Man or God? Andrei Petrov, the Internet newspaper world of Kabbalah, Adam (Hebr. – People) – in the Judaic and Christian mythologies first man and father of mankind. According to the Old Testament, God created Adam. as the crowning act of of the creation of the image and likeness of the dust of the earth, vdul into his nostrils "the breath of life ', made a ruler over the earth and everything on it that is. The myth of Adam and is reflected in the Koran, so Adam is the first man to Muslims …. (Great Soviet Encyclopedia) History According to the traditional view, as theologians and atheists, Adam – this is the first man created God. The official document that says this – it's the Bible or more precisely, the first book of the Old Testament, 'Genesis'. But if we begin to read it as a historical document, some facts are clearly in conflict with each other.

Here is a little chronology of biblical events, or rather, family Chronicle of Adam. At first, Adam was alone, and that he was not bored, the Creator created Eve from his rib, and gave her in marriage to Adam. Short-lived idyll lasted this pair – Eve tempting serpent persuaded her to eat the forbidden fruit. Violated the prohibition of God 'Sweet' pair being expelled from the Garden of Eden. Further, they have a first son, Cain. Later comes a second – Abel. Happy family already had four people. Then Cain kills Abel and God banishes Cain from the earth Eden.

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