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Yaroslavl Kremlin

Are there any in Yaroslavl Kremlin? This question can get different answers. Someone will say, that is, someone will reply that the Kremlin is not in Yaroslavl. So who is right? In the center of Yaroslavl is an ancient fortress … Continue reading

Seliger – The Place To Stay

What is so remarkable is the lake? Among other features, it is here, in Russia and is considered one of the favorite places of rest of Russians, for both adults and children alike. To get here, do not need exhausting … Continue reading

Themed Entertainment

Fascinating and compelling, pink dolphins are always looking for new friends. You and your kids will enjoy from close contact with them and with bated breath will monitor their performance in the daily presentation of 'Meet the dolphins' ('Meet-the-Dolphins'). Ticket … Continue reading

Best Places For An Unforgettable Holiday

I wanted to write this article directly to the people who have not yet figured out where to go to rest and who can pay a little more money for a more comfortable and quality vacation. I would like to … Continue reading

Camp David Peace Agreement

The British authorities have paid attention to Hurghada in the first place. They were looking for oil there and a small fishing village became known oil industry primarily because of the search for oil in the area. The first Soviet … Continue reading