Best Places For An Unforgettable Holiday

I wanted to write this article directly to the people who have not yet figured out where to go to rest and who can pay a little more money for a more comfortable and quality vacation. I would like to tell you about the 5 the best places for entertainment. But in the sense of the word 'best' I present the parameter is not the quality / price, and actually write about the best vacation spots – clear sea, the castle on the hill, a personal chef who is willing to make absolutely every culinary whim kilometer deserted beaches, etc. 5th – Yacht Princess Tanya is known to adequately entertained wherever possible, though in Antalya. That's why enjoy a warm friendly The Caribbean can be not only on land, this feeling can be felt directly in the sea. This opportunity gives you a 60-meter vessel. Is worthy of the name – Princess Tanya.

This vessel accommodates 18 passengers, which will be maintain personal designer, hairdresser and chef. Price of one of the nine cabins of 34 000 dollars (per night). Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. A one-week vacation on board the 'Princess Tanya' will be too expensive, except the Queen – 241 000. 4th place – Roman Holiday castle in luxury ships – this is certainly good. But the charm of an ancient Tuscan, some travelers like the most. 19 bedrooms in the Tuscan castle, equipped with excellent modern facilities (in the bedrooms, even bathtubs). A long time ago This castle belonged to Julius Sisuru, in our days is an Italian place for the most wealthy and very spoiled rich that can rasprschatsya a quarter million in just one week of rest.

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