The Repetition

There its madness bursts in, that in the terms of Yospe implies that () subsists the interpretative of the unconscious one but altered slope, as soon as its knowledge works in the production of an enjoyment that it looks for to be realised in the repetition with the consequent outbreak of anguish. From this perspective the men acquire for her persecutory value: the father would want to prostiuir it, Mr. K to violate it. After to have produced the interruption of its treatment Dora returns to tell Freud that has unmasked the scene, the paper that each one of the participants it had in her, without nobody dared a to deny it, which she does not count, which it cannot unmask, is its own position. The impossibility of being able to find its place in the disorder del that complaint indicates the lack of a function that qualifies in her that place from where to be able to take responsibility.

In this respect Freud says that Generally was not possible to defend the father () did not want to find out the true character of the conduct of K towards her, with the intention of not seeing insane in its loving relations () the father () had taken part in favor of the cure while it supposed that I was going to convince Dora that she enters and the lady of K did not exist but a pure friendship. But when warning that it did not enter my calculations such thing lost interest of the treatment. Dora shows, with its paranoide state, the panic of not having inside of its head a father, a sufficient function, that it assigns a daughter place to him, who prohibits her inclusion him in the primary scene, that the serve of there; on the contrary the father comes to him above in a transgressive participation. He says it to Dora in identical repetition of its traumatic dream: Hay fire in house. My father has gone alcove to wake up to me and is still on next to my bed. Me sight as quickly as possible.

Mother wants to still put in safe the small box of her jewels. But papa protests: I do not want that because of its small box we burn the boys and I. We lower running. When going out wide-awake. Freud shows Dora its participation to him, but Dora denunciation no that there is neither inside nor outside its head who prohibits him it does that it. On the other hand the fact that there are hysterical symptoms,

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