All we would want to be able to finish more work in less time. Nevertheless, you have the sensation from which never you arrive in time? You work without never stopping and faults the things of the list of pending tasks? Then you are not only. Further details can be found at Hedvig Hricak, an internet resource. It is necessary to manage the time. In fact the key of the productivity is not to work more, but to work better. Next I go to relate seven small but important tricks to increase your yield drastically labor. One is to increase the times that every day you can say this already is finished. 1.

Before beginning the day, it decides 5 important tasks that you are going to finish. I have not said you want to finish but you are going to finish. Of the 5 assures that at least three (better four) are important (those that brings sales, gains medals or increases your possibilities professional). A list of these five tasks writes by hand. 2. Before beginning the day, reviews your urgent tasks. Of them, it identifies as you can POSTPONE INDEFINITELY.

Almost always, the urgent thing can simply be forgotten. They are these tasks which prevents to finish the important thing us. It is necessary to learn to being ferocious in the negation to make trivialities. 3. To reduce the distractions. The best way to finish the important tasks is desconectndote of the world. Not always it is possible, but it tries to take care of calls in a fixed schedule. You do not have always open the mail and pon the Skype, Messenger and others in Out of line By nature the people we are sociable and we like to communicate with the others. Nevertheless, also we are rational creatures able to restrain (at least during short periods) our impulses.

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