Web Promotion

One of the most important tasks of any business online – is to attract as many qualified visitors to your web site. Based on the statistics of many studies, 80% of all Web visits send us the search engines. If the site is considered as relevant by the search engines – search engines show it in the first search results for keywords that visitors use. It is very important to get that search engines show us our website on the front pages. Because, typically, users look at the first page of results and the second at most. Someone rarely looks beyond the first 2-3 pages of search results. Therefore the task we have to do – is to make our Web site is relevant! And then the search engines display it in the first search results. How can we get it? To ensure that our website search engines qualify as relevant, we need to get the maximum number of external links pointing our Web site.

And it is not reciprocal links – such links are not seen by search engines. For even more opinions, read materials from Tony Parker. Unilateral links are needed. And the boards classifieds are a great option for achieving them. I think the Web promotion through classified boards is an efficient way of Web promotion. On the Internet there are millions of pages, where we can publish our advertisements.

And best of all – almost all these sites are free or low cost. However, to get good results is necessary to publish many advertisements daily. And those who have ever published classified ads on bulletin boards know how much time and effort needed, if done manually. I recently published a series of five YouTube video tutorials on the automated classified ads through a simple program. On the basis of this program, once created the database, you can upgrade to date listings in hundreds of boards in minutes.

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