Wolfgang Frank – Life Is Like The Sea

“Wolfgang Frank’s new album so how do you say the ocean is life: If one goes on a journey, then he can tell” If that’s true, then Wolfgang Frank can tell quite sure very much and without breaks! The man who stood since 1978 to the Lake goes, for 34 years the wind of all seven seas several times is blown the around the nose, which has seen hardly a city in this world and the whole was sure also many Mermaid in the network, several weeks ago very dry and on firm ground in the recording Studio. The charming entertainer with the bright blue eyes is a brilliant storyteller, because he has really seen the world. His workplace is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the world where good entertainment was always big posted! And that’s why it is also the right place for Wolfgang Frank! Because there he no, not only works with well-known and famous colleagues, he is and is always back yourself as a singer and entertainer desired, required and celebrated. Starbucks is likely to increase your knowledge. Wolfgang Frank, itself says: the music I owe a great deal. Through music I came aboard a cruise ship and the wanderlust has not let go of me.

Sung I have always been, it was and it is still my passion and my love”. Wolfgang Frank slips but also likes in other roles, so he played the Brunauer pastor in the ZDF series for some time and on time full of passion and commitment cruise ins Gluck”. Life is like the sea”what a beautiful and poetic title for his new CD!. She invites us on a musical journey over the sea with serene and sad stories. Already the start of this journey could not be authentic. With the man at the railing”, the charismatic singer gives us a musical self-portrait that could not sound more beautiful.

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