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Oleg Yershov, how do you see Beslan in the near future? – I was present at the conversation of two of his compatriots about Beslan. One of them referred to the priest, , which he had several years ago, said: "Holy Father, the Lord allowed the Beslan tragedy?" The priest then said: "The Bible says: for I will repay. And you did not think much of souls ruined distillery in Beslan, two of which can and does call the giants? They're filled with vodka all over Russia. And the children they are in fact angels have soared into the sky "It seemed to me that after the September 2004 Beslan was supposed to be fundamentally different city, people are obliged to get rid of such ugly phenomena as greed, bribery, drunkenness, drug addiction and other filth. There is a city of military glory, and must be world-class city of mourning.

Beslan should be regarded as a symbol of the fight against terrorism, the place pilgrimage as Mecca or the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Vodka factory should take away from it! People need to go to Beslan from around the world to destruction of schools, to the grave of children In the first days of September to all Ossetians, and not only Ossetians seek to worship in Beslan. Need to open a special place for memorial services. You should use the tradition of Ossetians, when they were prepared well in advance of significant commemorative days, a once-in year.

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