Reverse Auction

We are used to relate an auction with an ascending bid on the purchase of a product, but what happens when mechanics is the inverse, and bid to obtain the lowest price? We are talking about auctions in reverse, a new way to buy and sell services. If you hear the word auction, what is the first thing that comes in mind? Insurance, relacionaras an auction with a bid for the purchase of an object, usually, valuable or exotic, in which bids go up, and the object in question is awarded to who has made the highest offer…. This type of sales, traditionally considered only characteristic of the upper classes, related art and jewels, has become popular thanks to the Internet, with sites that you’ve probably used and know, as free market or Ebay. In these web pages, users also bid by offering the highest price, but the difference with sumptuous on-site auctions, is that, in Internet, the auction is not performed in real-time, but it sets a date limit, and the seller, fulfilled the term, must deliver the product to the highest bidder. But what happens when the roles are reversed, and it is the consumer who initiates the auction? In this case, as well as roles buyer-seller, the type of auction is also reversed. Unlike traditional auctions, will be successful who can offer the lowest price. In which cases can we see this modality? This type of auctions, reverse auctions, are typical from the sale of services. In simpler words, a client seeks to satisfy a need, and those who want to sell this service, talented by offering the lowest price and stay with the offered contract. Without a doubt, this is beneficial for the client, who can meet a large number of professionals, compare their prices and the quality of the service offered, and choose who granted the contract, in a very short time and without moving from his house.

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