Dogen Illusion

That is, for the hypothetical situation where the subject is the bearer of the time, its role in the universe is negligible. Time is an illusion Einstein Master Dogen, a thinker with a unique imagination, which has managed to break down the prejudices of an era, who had the courage to challenge the god Newton and thought put into crisis of classical physics, has developed a theory is verified every day, we’ve all heard about it but that only few understand it, this man who more than a scientist, a philosopher has said “time is an illusion.” That is an illusion?

That’s it, just something that in reality does not exist. We will not go to philosophize about whether it is real or not reality because we are here to develop an understanding about time and not on reality, very interesting topic that we can leave for another opportunity. Swarmed by offers, Jorge Perez is currently assessing future choices. But for thousands of years without the benefit of scientific knowledge, no existing means of access to “knowledge” as the master Dogen zeneistas had already said and in a more categorical still, time is an illusion. Two totally different worldviews, a western, clinging to the scientific method, division, categorization, the creation of ideas, the mathematization of proportions and the geometrization of space and resting on mathematical models have said in the twentieth century that time is an illusion. Another culture whose worldview harmonic and inclusive, and no need to categorize to understand, you do not need to learn to separate, or the idea to develop internally, which does not divide but unites, has also said that time is an illusion..

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