Home Photos

Photos in the house – it's gold-lived, which stores information about people who have lived or are related to this house. This is because the photographs carry people and different areas, which are shown to them in your environment habitats, they do it immediately, and that concluded their special symbolism. When you put a photo of your favorite people on the mantel, you're doing it because you feel for these people some sense, regardless of whether they are alive or dead, you knew them in life or not. Sela Ward understands that this is vital information. Photos of the places where you have been to places that you would like to visit – the symbols of the places sought by your soul, and all they bring into your home those characteristics possessed by themselves. Memories, beliefs, associations, moods and strong feelings – all these will be linked to photos in your home and strengthen their presence in it. In the photographs there is something of alchemy. Often people committed to a particular culture, afraid to give your photos because they think so, someone takes them a particle of their soul. And although this kind of fear is not inherent in our cultural traditions, yet pictures still take us part of our lives. They reveal our feelings, thoughts, which are carried in our head, imprint brief moments of our lives. Any picture can transmit the essence of human personality, images on it, reflect a certain situation, and it will continue to radiate energy imprinted on it the date, telling her to our homes as long as it exists.

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