Eliseo Grenet

Mongo very particular inherited a legacy that his very special talent for music, started his first steps, he formed his quintet, and debuted on December 25 1945.Ahi began a great career with the music no longer end, as it remains active as an artist. Several groups that rate emerged in the Isla de la Juventud, but no doubt, its biggest name is Mongo Rives and Tumbita Criolla, a name adopted definitively in 1967. Mongo Rives, tireless simply set off for the villages, where it may come, to liven up your parties and spread the pace of Sucu Suco, and in this land that witnessed the birth was heard since then, with many instruments made by himself, and the echo of the fields are for the history echoes of his beautiful songs, which by tradition, and syncretism went to Cuba, and from there to other lands of the world, and spent 46 years as an amateur artist.

Cuban musician Eliseo Grenet conducted research on the Sucu Suco in the territory in 1948 and was itself mostly Mongo Rives and legitimate reporting, Elisha took some tunes orchestrated the musician and radio broadcast later. With the task of spreading the culture of their island and gladden the hearts, is consolidated as a professional in the interests of his own nation in 1992, and although it was already a legend., Was recognized nationally and internationally as a professional artist, in 2002 BIS Music producer. He had the honor to record their first studio album, capturing for history, the sound of Sucu Suco in its most legitimate expression, today Mongo Creole lute, accordion, marimbula, machete, bongos, guitar and three, plus the minor percussion (maracas, clave, etc.) common to different expressions are Complex, where the pace is part of a very special way.

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