Levitan went into art history as the creator of mood landscapes, landscape condition, the author of plein air, delicately nuanced paintings. His talent was recognized by contemporaries unconditionally. Levitan was very fond of poetry Russian poets of the nature, and artlessly fond of all sorts of poems – and Tyutchev, and Tolstoy, and even the minor poets. Him in the painting would achieve such a perfect sense to about it afterwards, too, could say: “With nature, he lives with one breath. ” Sam Levitan once wrote: “This is an ideal landscape – its sophisticated mind up to” hear the grass vegetation.

What a great joy! “And always went to hear” grass vegetation “, and” talk wood sheets “, and” stream Lepetane. In nature, he loved it all: a variety of its relief, any weather, any time – morning, afternoon or evening. Landscapes of Isaac Levitan – very Russian, Russian convincingly by constant feelings in them human origin. The artist depicted only inhabited landscapes, never felt the desire to go into any wilderness, “where no one had gone before.” Habitable nature of man, as though it may seem strange at first glance, further emphasizes the constant lack of it in the pictures Levitan. Yes, the man was here and is not necessary, because without that everything reminds him. Universally acknowledged masterpiece Levitan is a picture of the “March”. He wrote it in 1895, while in the Jam – the estate of his friends Turchaninov.

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